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Website BuilderIntermediate
Application BuilderBeginner
Website ManagementIntermediate

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Interpersonal SkillsProficient


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Lihle Buka

An aspiring software developer who focuses purely on his craft in the sole mission of perfecting it and take over the coding industry by storm.

Lihle Buka, Aspiring Back-End Developer

Growing up, I would always use a gadget to distract myself from discomfort in crowds. I found it easy to figure out any device, ranging from a cellphone to a desktop computer. So I could always see myself pursuing a career in the technology industry.

I am charismatic, focused & I bring a lot to the table. I don't do well with crowds but I can hold it in. I like my own space, but I can socialise with people on my own terms. I aspire to be a software engineer or a technician one day.

  • Birthday:2002/07/29

  • Email:kamvelihle.buka2907@gmail.com

  • Phone:+27 78 897 7678

  • Study: Life Choices Academy

  • Languages: English & IsiXhosa

  • Criminal Record: No

  • Driver's Licence: No

  • Freelance:Available


The Work Of Lee

  • Head of Curriculum & Learning

    I am delighted to be called upon as a reference for Lihle. He always behaves professionally.

  • Lecturer / Back-End Developer

    >Lihle is a great student. He has great communication and intellectual skills. He has a great personality and work well within a team of individuals having different skill set. He will be a great addition to have in your development team. I highly recommend him for a Full-stack position.

  • Peer / Full Stack Developer

    Lihle is curious and hard working. He loves challenges. He has great problem-solving skills. He is always willing to assist others and in terms of co-operation or teamwork, he's the best.

  • Peer / Full Stack Developer

    Lihle is a reliable person, always willing to work. He has a great personality & works great with people.

  • Peer / Full Stack Developer

    Lihle is a simple guy who is into technology. He sometimes likes to stand on his own two feet & do things the way he envisioned it, but when push comes to shove, you can always count on him as he does take one for the team. He's willing to adapt to his surroundings.

  • Peer / Full Stack Developer

    He's a guy who is just focused, he's sticking to his own lane & he is a team player. He's one of those guys who just never stops trying to improve himself, he's always pushing his limits and for me, that's very admirable.


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